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Looking for DIRECTION?

Learn how to identify your mission, vision, and goals.

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Build Your Skills

  • Microsoft Excel I, II, III, and IV

    Learn the essentials of using this extremely powerful spreadsheet tool. You will be amazed to learn where Excel’s gems and treasures are hidden.

  • Other Microsoft Skills

    Learn the basics of Microsoft Word, Outlook and PowerPoint to help you speed up your day and gain new skills with technology you already have

  • Finance & Budgeting Series

    Using layman’s terms and concepts you will learn the language, tools and statements and have you’ll walk away wondering what all the confusion and frustration was all about. Come with your calculators!

Connect to Others

  • Colorful Connections

    Provides the foundational understanding of different personality types in a fun, interactive and informative format. Have better interactions with everyone you currently know, or will meet in the future.

  • Managing Stress and Mastering Change

    Do certain people PUSH YOUR BUTTONS? Do you find it difficult to DEAL WITH CHANGE? In this fun, interactive, life changing workshop you will learn the magic to making HOT BUTTONS DISAPPEAR. Work on REAL SITUATIONS to develop REAL SKILLS you need to manage stress and change. A great team building workshop to do BEFORE making changes in your organization.

  • Communication/Conflict

    Workshop attendees will learn how different personality types tend to manage conflict as well as how to communicate and adapt to each one.

  • Empowering Today’s Business Woman

    This fun, interactive workshop is proven to help you become a more effective communicator. Sharpen your time management skills for whole life balance. Learn to set and achieve meaningful goals.

Connect to Yourself

  • What’s Your Mission? – What’s Your Vision?

    Learn how to identify and build upon your strengths, joys and passions to build a mission and vision statement and plan for YOUR LIFE!

  • Leadership Essentials

    What makes a good leader? How do you develop those skills? These questions and more will be explored an answered in this highly engaging session. Participants will start by learning Self Leadership, and will then expand to learn how to handle formal and informal leadership opportunities. Specific attributes will be defined and explored and tools will be identified to help attendees starting moving down the path of being a strong leader.

  • Personal Coaching

    Sometimes you need help getting started down your path. Soul Canyon Coaching focuses on identifying Core Values and Personal Mission, then on building SMART goals on that foundation.

Custom Workshops

With over 50 topics , we can create CUSTOMIZED programs to meet your training objectives. With your FREE consultation we can help you put together a PROACTIVE Personal, Team and Organizational Development Plan so you can make the most of your training investment.

Rob Hambleton

Rob Hambleton

Rob’s passion and talent for training and human development began during his years as a successful manager and leader at Ford Motor Company, Eastman Kodak and Dell Computer. Always insightful, energetic and highly interactive, you won’t be sitting still for long if you are working with Rob. In addition to conducting Soul Canyon Training & Development programs throughout the country, Rob teaches topics for Fred Pryor Seminars & Careertrack, In addition to conducting over 150 training events each year, Rob is the founder and main content developer for Soul Canyon Training & Development. Rob is constantly learning and adding new topics and training techniques to help adult learners retain the skills they need to succeed.

Mary Hambleton

With over 20 years of real estate, travel and hospitality industry experience, Mary is passionate about helping others build their business from the inside out with fun, applicable training. Certified since 2010 as a Professional Trainer Certification (PTC) from one of the leaders in business education for over 40 years, Mary has the front of the room expertise to make your next event SPARKLE!

Mary Hambleton
“We have worked with Rob and Mary to put on two wonderful training programs that were enthusiastically attended by our staff. The programs were highly engaging and fun and our staff came away with new sets of skills as well.”