15 minutes a Day

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“Yard by yard is hard.  But, inch by inch is a cinch.”
Busy, busy, busy.  If you are like anyone else I know, you are incredibly busy.  You WANT to learn new things – improve your skills and expand your mind – but it just seems like opportunities to actually work on new things are few and far between.
Am I right?
Most of us get excited when we have an opportunity to take a day off and do some training – and that can be really cool.  But, we are often dismayed when we take the training and we forget most of what we learned within a week of the event.
Does this sound familiar?
As we discussed in the previous Canyon Trek – change, learning and growth require FOCUSED REPETITION.  If that is true – and it is – you need to create the time windows for this practice.

15 minutes each day.

If you want to keep pace and keep your skills sharp in this accelerating world, you need to carve out 15 minutes of daily development time.  I suggest you do this first thing in the morning before you get started with your email or To Do list.  In fact, I suggest you have this as the first standing item on your daily To Do list.
15 minutes each and every day to practice new skills, read something that will expand your mind, implement a new technique – whatever you choose. 
You already know that if you don’t carve out the time the tactical things you have to do each day will crowd this strategic activity out – every time.  So, schedule it now.
15 minutes.
Every day.
Until next time,
Your friends at Soul Canyon Training & Development
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