Are We On The Same Path?

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Are We On The Same Path?

Good Morning!!

“I’d rather be hated for who I am than liked for who I’m not” — Bumper Sticker

If anyone knows the real source of this quote, I’d love to know it. My beautiful wife Mary phoned it in to me this morning as I was preparing to send out this tip. I thought it was a wonderful example of synchronicity because it relates perfectly to what I planned to say.

For any team to operate “fully engaged” team members must know that they are on the same page with the company mission. How do you accomplish that? By making sure each individual team member knows their core values — and that those core values overlap enough with the company core values so everyone can feel deeply engaged and invested in the company’s success.

Try this simple exercise: Have each team member, independently, write down what their core foundational values are. The basic principles they operate with. Next, call your team together and go around the room sharing these core values — writing them down on a flip chart or white board as you go. Finally, have everyone brainstorm the core values of your team or company and see how the lists match. If you do this with a spirit of openness, a couple of key things will start to happen…

First, the team will have an opportunity to better identify what they are all about — and then translate that into a better-defined mission and vision. Second, team members will have a very visible, tangible way to see whether or not they are in the right place. THIS IS ALWAYS A GOOD THING. If they ARE in the right place, they will feel far more engaged and directionally focused. If they are NOT in the right place, they will know that instead of feeling adrift in your organization. I would encouraged helping them identify where they would be more comfortable — with positive, helpful energy.

Having each team member feeling like they know where the path is — and that everyone is on it — is vital to success.

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