About Us

Rob & Mary Hambleton own and operate Soul Canyon Training & Development from beautiful Southern Oregon. Rob started the company in Austin, Texas in 2001 then moved it to Southern Oregon in 2002 to work on a number of projects close to his heart – including starting a farmer’s marketing cooperative and working on various rural community education and development projects.

Shortly after moving to Oregon, Rob met Mary and they were married high atop Mt. Thielsen near Crater Lake. Together they have been building their lives and company on a foundation of authenticity, while joyfully helping others achieve their dreams and goals.

Developing individuals within their careers, driving teams to higher levels of performance and bringing forth strong leaders as they personally discover their skills and uncover their passion is the foundation on which Soul Canyon Training & Development programs are built.

Both Rob and Mary are deeply involved in community organizations and projects including area Chambers of Commerce, Concerts In The Park, youth sports, school and Community Leadership Development.

Our Mission at Soul Canyon Training & Development is to help you discover and live your joy and passion in every aspect of your life.

Rob Hambleton

Rob’s passion and talent for training and human development began during his years as a successful manager and leader at Ford Motor Company, Eastman Kodak and Dell Computer. Always insightful, energetic and highly interactive, you won’t be sitting still for long if you are working with Rob. In addition to conducting Soul Canyon Training & Development programs throughout the country, Rob teaches topics for Fred Pryor Seminars & Careertrack, In addition to conducting over 150 training events each year, Rob is the founder and main content developer for Soul Canyon Training & Development. Rob is constantly learning and adding new topics and training techniques to help adult learners retain the skills they need to succeed.

Mary Hambleton

With over 20 years of real estate, travel and hospitality industry experience, Mary is passionate about helping others build their business from the inside out with fun, applicable training. Certified since 2010 as a Professional Trainer Certification (PTC) from one of the leaders in business education for over 40 years, Mary has the front of the room expertise to make your next event SPARKLE!

Why the Name 'Soul Canyon'?

Our developmental approach