Big Changes Ahead

“What you think about you bring about.”

Abracadabra!  Remember that one?  Stage magicians utter it before the pull the rabbit from their hat, but its origin is Aramaic and it literally means…..

“I will create as I speak.”
Do you know you are creating your reality in every second of every minute of every day?  Every thought becomes a feeling and an action and propels you into your newly forged reality.  The problem is that most of the time our thoughts aren’t positive or intentional so we don’t necessarily like our creations.
Would you like to start the process of creating more intentionally?
Try this:
1) Become more aware of your thoughts.  When you “say” something negative to yourself or someone else – recognize it and try to find a more positive way to say it.
2) Learn to thank yourself and love yourself for trying and growing.  Unconditional love starts with unconditionally loving yourself, regardless of what that outside world has to say about you.
3) When it comes to your goals – acknowledge each and every baby step you’ve taken – as you take it.
The big trick to becoming more intentionally creative with your life is to get your unconscious mind on your side.  This is only done with focus and repetition – so keep it up and see what happens!
Keep it up!
 Until next time,

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