Adult Learning Principles


“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, only how we play the game” – Randy Pausch

The 52nd Superbowl stands out as a great example of sportsmanship, competition and the importance of staying in the game. The football dynasty of Tom Brady & Bill Belichick vs’ the underdog combination of Nick Foles & Doug Pederson in a battle of skills and strengths played all the way to the end!

Even if you are not a football fan you can appreciate the dedication and hard work of these amazing athletes, and the tactical strategies of the coaches. Learning skills isn’t easy. It takes a lot of sacrifice and hours of focused effort to stay on top of things these days.

At Soul Canyon we know a few things that can help you get and stay on top of your game.

“Learning is more effective when it is an active rather than a passive process” – Euripides

At Soul Canyon Training and Development we offer programs primarily to adults who want to continue to grow, develop and learn.  Training and teaching adults is different than teaching kids and several factors must be present to create an excellent adult learning experience.


Adults need to have fun when they learn in order to stay engaged AND in order to retain what they learn.  The main reason having fun increases retention is that emotional markers or “anchors” are created that assist the “stickiness” of cognitive concepts.


High frequency repetition initially for short term retention, then daily repetition for long term retention are critical.


Immediately putting the concepts and skills to use in the real world is critical.

Accountability and Coaching

Setting up a “practice plan” and way of reflecting on the learning process down the road will increase the stick rate of concepts presented at a training event.

At Soul Canyon Training and Development we pride ourselves on the incorporation of these critical adult learning concepts.  We make our events fun, engaging, relevant and practical.  We also offer tools to make sure that concepts are applied and reviewed.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this — as well as your experiences you’ve had — good and bad — about learning things as an adult.

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