Clear Vision – Vision Boarding


Clear Vision – Vision Boarding

“What you think about and feel about you bring about.” — John F. Demartini

I just had a wonderful week teaching Excel in two Texas cities I’d never visited: Beaumont and Galveston. On Tuesday night, as I drove along the edge of the Gulf of Mexico to catch the ferry over to Galveston, I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the freedom and abundance my career as a speaker and seminar leader gives me. It wasn’t that long ago that I was dreaming of this magical career.

Dreaming is of course an important step in intentionally living your life. I like to say that dreams that set the path for action are more in the category of “vision” and, with the twists and turns of daily life, it’s important to keep your vision clear and focused.

Since I’m a visual guy, one thing that helps me keep my vision clear is to take a look at my vision board – in fact to keep it in front of me always.

So, let’s add a 2018 Vision Board to your 2018 Guidebook:

1) Collect some pictures or words relate to your big goals for 2018. Cut them out of magazines or newspapers – or sketch them yourself.

2) Paste or tape these pictures to the inside front cover of your 2018 Guidebook.

3) Each morning, as you prepare to put your To Do List together, with your daily items and baby steps from your 2018 Big Goals, take a glimpse at your Vision Board.

If you are still following along and doing the exercises – please take a second and let me know. I’d love to hear how it’s going – your successes and struggles.

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