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The difference between the doers and the complainers is where they put their effort and energy. It’s in times of trouble (like the pandemic we are experiencing) that you can observe very different behavior in people.

Tough circumstances require neuro plasticity, or put another way, the ability to think and feel outside the box. People with high emotionally intelligence are handling this pandemic differently than others.

Here are the 4 Key Components of Emotional Intelligence or EQ. We have a class June 29th.

  • Self – Awareness
  • Self – Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Management

Understand the components can help you understand why building those skills in yourself can help you thrive not just survive in this time is what this newsletter is all about.

Building my ability to REALLY listen to what people are saying has been a game changer.  I haven’t always been a good listener. I have always been stubborn and independent, qualities that can be seen as a gift or a curse. I don’t ask for help and there are times when I should. I know that I’m not good at taking direction and go rouge often.

Understanding my personality makeup has been HUGE in my EQ growth. Personality knowledge has also played a role in me understanding others from the perspective of understanding what makes they happy, sad, scared, frustrated.  Understanding your emotions as well as the emotions of others is what EQ is all about. Thinking about how you feel. Thinking about how the other person feels. Thinking and feeling about what is happening.

Some great tools for right now:

Journal. Journal your thoughts and feelings. Document what is taking place and how you feel about it. Are you looking at the situation clearly or are your emotions running wild? Try looking at things from several angles.

Talking to friend. Taking time to talk to a trusted friend or college. I try to get the perspective of several different people. People of different ages, backgrounds, and experiences, male and female.  When you change the way you look at something, you can begin to see different choices. The feeling of being out of control and not having a choice is something that triggers me. How about you?

Take time to learn something new. Building new neural pathways is a fantastic way to step away from the emotional hijacking that can happen under stress. Thinking can change the way you feel. We want to help you learn something new – so we have put together Zoom Webinar learning and priced them at a ridiculously low price.

Help Others. There is something that happens when we take our focus off us and our own situation that is magical. No matter what you are going though there is always someone worse off. Volunteer. Give. Even if its just taking time to call your family and friends and neighbors to check on them. You will get more than you give, of course that’s not the reason to give (or is it?).

Want some FREE help. Check out our Personal Transformation Self-Guided program under products on our website. This is a fantastic tool to get you to the “Canyon of Your Soul” – thus the name Soul Canyon.

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