It’s Almost Back to School Time – Let’s make the most of it!

Back to School

Do we quit learning because you get old? Or do we get old because you quit learning?
“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Change is in the air, even as folks are trying to squeeze in a few last days of Summer. Personally, I love back to school time. A fresh new start on a year of learning, just makes me smile.

Busy parents are gathering school supplies and school clothes. Strategically planning work/life balance to fit the new school schedules. We breathe a sigh of relief knowing we won’t have to shuffle bored kids to and from while trying to work. We know they will be in school learning new skills and making new friends soon and life will be back to “normal”.

Don’t let the memories of summer fade away forever. I just saw a great tip. To keep those memories and even make a few more; gather the gang around the table and create a Journal of “the Summer of 2019”. As a Mother of five and a Grandmother of eight; I know that the little ones grow up so fast and time slips by. It’s been fun and easy to have Facebook and digital cameras and all but putting memories to paper and gluing movie tickets or post cards into a shareable journal will be priceless someday. Make the most of the days before school starts by scheduling those last-minute trips and family get togethers. Take time to connect to those you love and capture the moments, because they are gone in the blink of an eye.

Speaking of planning, have you planned for your learning? Learning doesn’t end when you graduate, it only just begins. Some of the most desired skills in the workplace today are the technically skills like Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Employers are looking for people with Adaptive Leadership skills, people with the ability to communicate well and work in teams are highly sought after. Every business needs people with Excellent Customer Service skills. We’ve got you covered here in the Rogue Valley with live events

Our recorded programs offer you the ability to do JIT – Just in time training. Visit our shop at we are offering a discount to all of you – enter the code: BOOM and you will save $70 off any recorded program. Our Personal Transformation program is currently FREE – be sure to snag this offer now. Look for an invite in December to join our closed Facebook Group and go though the program with me.

Free help is available to put together a Learning Path for yourself, your team, your organization, it’s easy and it’s free. Do it now before your budget is due and be ready to go in 2020. Yep, I just said it 2020! It’s coming fast.

Here’s to a few more Dog Days of Summer. Make a Splash!

Speaking of change. I’d love to hear from you. Take a moment and let me know how I’m doing as CEO. Are there training programs you are looking for for your team? We are planing our LIVE 2020 schedule NOW.

See you in class, Mary


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