Jaded & Cynical

Jaded & Cynical

Have you ever noticed that the animals at the zoo just don’t seem fully alive?  You walk around from cage to cage, enclosure to enclosure and look at them – and most of them don’t even acknowledge your presence.

They are out of their natural environment and have become almost completely desensitized to people.

Have you ever noticed the difference between people in many big cities as compared with those in small towns?  In my experience, most of these folks, carefully, won’t make eye contact with you or each other – they’ve been desensitized and have built their own little protective bubble around them.
Learning new things can be exciting, but have you ever had the experience of having someone share their excitement of learning this new thing to you – something you learned about long ago – and it just doesn’t excite you as much?  Have you ever adopted the “I’ve heard all this before….” Or “This has been around forever…” attitude in response to someone’s childlike excitement about their discovery?

Have you ever noticed that after you learn something new – as you move forward you get a little less excited and motivated when you hear some of the same material over and over – possibly explained by someone else, or possibly characterized a little differently.  It’s like “I’ve heard this all before” – and you kind of shut down.

We always need to be on guard about becoming jaded and cynical – feeling like we’ve seen it all.  If we allow this attitude to seep into our consciousness we’ll shut ourselves off to further levels of learning, awakening and discovery.

The incremental experiences and information the Universe is giving you always has the purpose of progressing your development, understanding and connection.  However – you MUST be willing to embrace it and use it.  You must always remain open, childlike and teachable.   

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