Make Learning a Daily Habit

Make learning a daily habit to achieve meaningful goals
Do we quit learning because we get old?
Or do we get old because we quit learning? 
Have you ever wanted to accomplish something but found yourself procrastinating?

One of my major goals for 2108 is to build an online marketing campaign to sell our amazing self guided training programs; Excel Essentials, Colorful Connections, Managing Stress & Mastering Change and our Personal Transformation Coaching program.

In June, I reviewed my progress on my goals and discovered I wasn’t REALLY making the headway I needed to to reach my goal by year end. Has this ever happened to you?

TIME to step it up! I have the tools and the knowledge to make change happen, I mean that’s what we teach — what is going on?

I sat down and put together a plan, which included hiring a coach to help me. I knew I need to be spending at least 15 minutes everyday to learn something new — that’s what it takes for adults to learn, but I wasn’t doing it.

But here’s the problem, I thought this was out of my league. I spent months telling myself that this was beyond my pay grade, something I’m not good at — do you hear that negative self-talk? That was the first thing my coach worked with me on. AND this is stuff I teach, is there any wonder why we need help sometimes reaching our goals, we self sabatoge even when WE know better.

One of the major things we teach in our programs is how to make change happen and boy it’s not easy… you still have to do the WORK!  So let me ask you when are YOU going to do the WORK?

Adults don’t quit learning they just fill thier days with stuff… you have to carve out time to learn and practice everyday with a series of baby steps those things that you want to achieve.

I challenge you to review your 2018 goals and take action where you need to so that you can achieve those goals! Setting and achiving meaningful goals is what we are all about! If you want help – reach out! Everyone needs a coach now and again to help them focus and train for this thing called LIFE!

Remember … “What gets scheduled gets done.”

Until next time, 

Mary & your friends at Soul Canyon Training & Development

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