Personality Basics: The Colors

Personality Basics –“The Colors”

“Knowing others is wisdom; knowing the self is enlightenment.” — Tao Te Ching

The primary message of our Colorful Connections Workshops is that personality can be defined in terms of the Jungian Attitudes of Introversion and Extraversion (how we express our energies and how we are energized) combined with the Jungian Rational Types of Thinking and Feeling (how we make decisions).  Being able to read yourself and others along these two vectors provides you priceless information about how best to work with those around you.
The really cool thing about our system is that combining these Jungian Attitudes and Rational Types derives the colors we use, which are incredibly easy to remember:
Extraversion  + Thinking = Direct Red Energy — this energy is outgoing, driving and goal seeking
Extraversion + Feeling = Dynamic Yellow Energy — this energy is bubbly, bonding, fun loving and collaborating
Introversion + Thinking = Detail Blue Energy — this energy is precise, process oriented and analytical
Introversion + Feeling = Caring Green Energy — this energy is warm, empathetic, caring and loving

The major difference between our color based personality system – Colorful Connections — and the other systems out there is that we recognize the realities of how personalities work and provide real tools for using this information.  These key realities are:
• Everyone, over time, at all levels of consciousness has ALL COLORS, ALL OF THE TIME.  However — at any given point in time we only use one color.
• Color energies are DYNAMIC — that is, we can change colors from one moment to the next.  When you and others shift from one color to the next, however, there are specific behaviors that are different and you should adjust your approach in very specific ways.
• The colors are not static labels — but are dynamic tools that help you recognize:
o What color YOU are at any point in time
o What color THE PERSON are trying to connect with is at that same point in time
o What you can do with that knowledge to have a more effective interaction.

This last point has applications in communication, customer service, stress management, conflict resolution and many others.

During my corporate career I was exposed to every other personality assessment system in existence.  The experience was almost always the same — the workshop was fun and interesting — with lots of labels and descriptors, but I never walked away with tools I could use that made a difference in my work life.

The incredible feedback we have received from our Colorful Connections workshops is that this system and the tools we offer are making an amazing difference not only in business results, but also in the quality of ALL relationships our participants experience. After 15 years of positive feed back Colorful Connections is our most requested workshop, which is why it was one of our first training DVD that we produced.

If you are interested in experiencing a Colorful Connections workshop for your group, or helping us schedule a public workshop in your area, please let us know — we have some awesome marketing incentives.

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