Excel Essentials – Levels 1 – 4 – Downloadable Microsoft Training Program


Learn Microsoft Excel skills with our proven program designed to help busy professionals like YOU- 100% Guaranteed and taught by Rob Hambleton one of the Top Excel Trainers in the Country. Rob makes it Fun to Learn Excel and gives you all the practice files you need to start using Microsoft Excel TODAY!

Excel Essentials Levels 1-4 is delivered as a Zip File Download containing all:

  • Video training modules (mp4) | 5-10 minutes each
  • Downloadable PDF Workbooks
  • Practice files
  • Levels 1-4


Do you need to sharpen your Excel Skills? Of course you do!

Since Microsoft Excel is so widely used — many say it’s the most popular piece of software in the world – knowing how to use it correctly is critical. In the business world solid Excel Skills mean higher efficiency, effectiveness, sound decision making and improved job performance.

Microsoft Excel is a huge program and learning it can be daunting. You need an expert with real world experience and a track record of successfully training adults to guild you through the process of becoming a proficient and confident Excel user.

Rob Hambleton, Soul Canyon Training & Development, has assembled a step by step approach to learning Excel that is exciting, engaging and highly motivating. Rob is an award winning trainer who puts on at least 150 live Excel training events each year. Rob has been using spreadsheet softwear and successfully training adults for nearly 30 years – and he’s  here to help you learn Excel!

Video training modules (mp3) – 5-10 minutes each – Downloadable PDF Workbooks – Practice files

Level 1 Modules:

Introduction  – Terminology and Navigation – The File Tab – The QAT – Right Click Formatting – Entering and Editing Data – Autofill – Selecting Multiple Cells – Core Keyboard Shortcuts – Working with Rows and Columns – Working with Worksheets –  Saving a File  – Formatting Basics – Formula Basics – Function Basics – Database Basics – Next Steps

Level 2 Modules:

Charts & Graphs – Conditional Formatting – Custom Autofill Lists – Formula Auditing – Insert Functions – Printing – Text Functions – Paste Special – Range Names – Subtotals.

Level 3 Modules:

Options – Worksheet Grouping – Date & Times – Linking in Excel – Linking in PowerPoint/Word – Data Validation – Functions – IF and DATES – Functions – IF, AND. Nesting – Functions – VLOOKUP – Protection & Security – Pivot Tables – Introduction – What if – Scenario – What if – Goal Seek

Level 4 Modules:

Pivot Table Basics – Pivot Table Layout Options – Pivot Table Summary Functions – Pivot Table Reports/Page Filters – Pivot Table Slicers – Updating Pivot Table Data – Pivot Charts – Macro Recording – Macro Editing – Macro Buttons

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