Excel Essentials Level 2** RECORDED ** Zoom Webinar** 

$59.97 $9.97


** RECORDED  Zoom Webinar Excel Essentials Level 2 ** 

Spend 2 hours on a live virtual M/S Excel Essentials training program lead by Rob Hambleton. Rob is one of the top Excel trainers in the country and his Easy to follow style makes him a favorite with the “newbies”. Rob’s expertise and humor makes him a favorite with the “pros”.

Rob has taught over 150 live seminar each year for the past 12 years to a variety of folks. Our audiences have ranged from folks who have never touch the program to folks working in the Nuclear Reactor program.

This is a 1st time offered live virtual training. You don’t want to miss this special opportunity. Priced at only $9.97 for the 2 hour session you will walk away with skills that compute to higher efficiency & proficiency with the most popular softwear program M/S Excel.

The world of business runs on Excel. Take this down time to learn a new skill to elevate you in the changing times.

Excel Essentials – Level 2

This class builds on the material covered in Excel Essentials Level 1. Specifically, Rob will review formulas, functions, formatting and basic database features but will go on to cover formula auditing, conditional formatting, writing functions using the insert function utility, naming cells and ranges, paste special, subtotals, custom auto fill lists, charts and printing and much more.

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