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“There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all, beyond the heavens, the very highest heavens.  This is the Light that shines in your heart.”– Chandogya Upanishad (600 B.C.)

Sometimes people ask me where the name “Soul Canyon” came from. The name Soul Canyon came from the concept that are deepest strengths lie inside our hearts, so our primary developmental task is to navigate our way back to this place — to the “Canyon of your Soul”. 

Each week we share information with you about things we’ve learned and people we’ve met as a way of giving you resources for your own journeys.  I like to think of our journeys as “Canyon Treks”  — which is what our weekly tips will be called from this day forward.

Today I’d like to share a couple of thoughts about the concept of Abundance and how I see it really working in our lives.   When we talk about “Attracting Abundance”, we do it on the foundation of a few basic principles:

• The Universe has enough for us all, if we’re following our hearts and passion in a spirit of service to our fellow man.
• By following our own hearts, we ultimately help others follow theirs.
• Collaboration with each other through connection, rather than competition, is the ultimate model of success.
• Abundance will flow to us — in the form of timely, key connections and resources — just when we need them if we allow ourselves to be “in the flow” of Universal energy by following our hearts.  This is my definition of “synchronicity”.
There is a bit more, however.  Subconsciously we impose a “fair balance” on what we receive relative to what we are in a position to give.  In other words — our subconscious selves will not allow us to receive something of value — unless we give something of what we internally define as “equal value”.  Because bartering our gifts is not always possible, money is usually the medium of exchange.   This system of “subconscious fairness” plays out in a number of interesting ways:
• We have a tendency to view “free” things as worthless, and will not fully use them because we, subconsciously, don’t feel like we deserve them.
• We will have a corresponding tendency to value things relative to the price we pay — and we’ll build justifications of value to match the “price” we had to pay for it.  This often sets up a battle between your ego defined, competitively based values that teach you that the “best deal” is the “lowest price” and your soul based subconscious mind that wants to impose this system of fair value exchange.  This dissonance leads to guilt which in turn leads you away from fully utilizing or enjoying what you’ve acquired.

So — what should we do?  The answer is so simple that it’s impossible for most of us — it involves two steps:
1. Follow your heart to what you need
2. Pay what your heart tells you is the “fair price” — either in terms of money or, if possible, in terms of offering your gifts in exchange.

This isn’t as tricky as it sounds because as you practice following your heart more and more, you will lead yourself into situations that are conducive to this type of value exchange — synchronistically.

As always — I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time,

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