Soulfully You

A personalized 8-week Transformation Program Powered by Positive Intelligence®

Soulfully You is an 8-week guided program designed to connect you to the next step in your journey.

  • You will learn how to address the saboteurs that are trying to keep you from taking those steps.
  • Learn to build your own mental fitness and activate your own Extraordinary Lifelong Operating System
  • Finding your reason for every season in your life.

As women we are in a constant state of change. Each season in our lives brings different focus, responsibilities, and therefore different goals. Soulfully You is a program designed to connect you to the next step in your journey of life while addressing the saboteurs that are trying to keep you from taking those next steps.

As women, we often find ourselves exhausted from the constant needs of others, living a life that has been designed for us. You bring a uniqueness to this world that no one else can give.

Join me on an eight-week journey down into the canyon of your soul where you will discover your strengths, your passion, and your power. This program is designed to help you find your way back to you and your own unique inner wisdom that will guild you though the seasons of your life with more joy and passion and purpose.

We help you build a life that is designed by you and your uniqueness; built on the strength of your authentic self.

Learn to tune down the voices that sabotage your life and tune into your sage old wisdom.

Why Soulfully You? As humans we are born to connect, to be a part of a tribe. I’ve been a connector my entire life. Connecting brings me the great happiness and energy.  It’s what I consider my life’s work to be.

Let me help you connect to your authentic self. I’m excited to share my own daily practice that has transformed the way I handle stress and challenges.

$1997 a $2497 value.

 As a bonus … you have a full year access to the program, the app and me via the app and text. 

Here’s what you get in the

Soulfully YOU  8-Week Transformational Program:

  • 8 Weeks of Group Coaching with Mary via Zoom
  • Daily Group Chat Support in our Custom App
  • The entire Soulfully YOU method is delivered through workbooks, live training and the app.
  • BONUS: Get 12 months access to the entire Soulfully YOU program and continued support through the app ($2,000 value)

Get the entire program for only $1997  (a $4,000) value