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Big Changes Ahead

Welcome 2019! This is the year I will _______________ (fill in the blank)

Did you RING in the New Year with new goals and resolutions?

Are you planning on improving is your budget in 2019? Do you have some large financial goals?

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Great news for those of you in the Rogue Valley — We have scheduled a full year of live training events for individuals and companies with our business partner BBSI at their training facility in Medford, OR Click here to see this years schedule of events.

For the past 15 years, as the year comes to an end, Rob and I have a tradition of “Closing the Year” and “Ringing in the New Year”. We set goals in each of the key areas in our lives – Professional and Personal. We do vision boards and spend a lot of time planning our year out, taking time to plan vacations and family time around the holidays.  You don’t create time – you MAKE the time!

One step that really helps us reach our goals is to talk about our 2019 projects in the beginning of the year. How we can accomplish them? What will it take to make these goals a reality? We start by breaking down the large projects into bite size chunks. We look at resources need to achieve them and put them on our joint calendar. We build time around our training schedules so that we HAVE the time to make them a reality. Backwards planning works.

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One of our key founding principles is:  Knowledge is meant to be shared. 

For those of you not in the Rogue Valley, we have lots of options to help you achieve your training goals, just drop me an email today and let’s chat.