“I was in attendance at the Orland presentation that you two gave, and I just wanted to thank you for coming and to let you know how much I appreciated and enjoyed everything. I truly have a new outlook and a different way to deal with my clients with some great techniques!”Sam Taylor
Real Estate Agent
Orland, California
“Rob Hambleton’s presentation on ‘Centering for Your Job Search to Attract the Perfect Job’ convinced me that I could make a change. Not only could but should. Its been in my heart and that’s where the rubber meets the road.”Larry Ewing
Job Seekers Club
Austin, Texas
“I am not a big fan of personality tests and a lot of introspection. I just assume I am a well rounded, delightful person and what more do I need…… Needless to say, I entered Rob’s Insight Seminar with a few reservations. But, WOW, the seminar went by way too quickly. It was always enjoyable and I left with several useful tools to improve my sales.

Rob is a superb trainer, he kept the topics pertinent and helpful to the group. I can’t wait to have him help our management team and independent contractors.”Bonnie Barney
Eugene, Oregon

“Thanks for a great job today. Just know that you impacted 6,250 peoples lives for the better.”Mark, Nancie, Candy and The Grapevine Team
Medford, Oregon
“Thank you for the wonderful communications workshop you and Mary put on for us last Friday…It was terrific! We’ve received nice compliments from many of those who attended. I was great meeting both of you and I look forward to attending other workshops conducted by you!”Kimberlee Ayers
Mortgage Loan Professional
Branch Manager
Salem, Oregon
“Something helpful came from your workshop I wanted to share with you. My boyfriend of 6 years and I are very different — not as much of a problem for him as is for me. In any case, there were characteristics that you identified that we are now aware of that gave us better understanding. I feel it was good for him to hear/understand this in a different context and for me I was later able to use as a tool to better explain my thoughts/feelings…to a BLUE 🙂 Regardless of outcome, communication, clarity, honesty and perception of self and others are the roads to best possible being. You guys are doing a good thing in opening ‘the doors of perception’.”Ellen
Rogue River, Oregon
“Loved the seminar here in Sonoma you and your wife put on… The best I have ever attended. If you and your wife are going to be doing seminars in the future in Sonoma County I would love to have information on it.”Bonnie Riboni
Sonoma, California
“Rob I feel I owe you a huge thank you. Your guidance and beliefs have helped and continue to help me through once what was a dark path to a lighted one.”D.M.
Santa Anna, California
“The detoxing tip really hit home with me, Rob. It’s so important to build in avenues for conversations about how things are going when you’re not in the midst of something not going well. One of my favorite learnings from a workshop on trust was this: Before (or without) trust, energy goes into resistance. With trust, energy goes into cooperation and achievement. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with me!”Liz
Grants Pass, Oregon
“I look forward to your messages and because of the things you have taught me about myself and the belief process I am taking steps toward myself, my true self. I am connecting with other artists in the field of photography and finding so many opportunities to expand my art, show my art. I have a lot to learn about being open to all possibilities.”P.B.
San Diego, California
“Rob is the most charismatic, passionate and energetic person I have ever worked for in my 24 years with Kodak. He has an infectious enthusiasm that inspires everyone around him. He has an uncanny ability to bring out the very BEST in people, by recognizing their individual talents, being supportive and encouraging them to succeed. He always came up with creative ways to energize and engage our team, keeping us highly motivated throughout the project. He is a visionary, having the ability to see future possibilities others may not see. With Rob leading the way, you feel like NOTHING is impossible…”Lynn Lopresti
SAP Project Management
Eastman Kodak Company
Rochester, NY
“Your presentation was absolutely awesome! I appreciate your insight and motivation so much. Previously, I had been struggling with not knowing where I am supposed to be. After participating in your demonstrations, I realized that I am where I should be and I need to “be still and listen” for direction. You answered so many questions, concerns and fears that I had been battling. I cannot thank you enough for the difference that you have made. Your illustrations on centering your life really made an impact on me. I felt as if you had prepared your entire presentation with me in mind. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts!”Shannan Rolfsen
Austin, Texas
“I recently attended your “Managing Emotions Under Pressure” seminar in Chico, California. You presented a huge volume of material in a clear, entertaining way that made it palatable for us to absorb. Your crowning touch: Over… and over… and over again asking throughout the entire day – ‘How many days does it take to change a thought?’ [21 Days] ‘How many days does it take to change a behavior?’ [30 days] ‘And what’s needed?’ [Repetition and Intensity]. And you engaged the whole class to do this periodically throughout the day.

Somehow your doing this sunk into my mind enough to make me decide that change is possible – even of long ingrained thought and behavior habits. And I have been using the material, or other related materials, almost every day since then.

THANKS, ROB!”Keri Walker
Grass Valley, California

“Your teambuilding was appreciated by us all. I see a distinct difference in bonding between the delegation you worked with and the other one – they are expecting a life-long friendship. Thank you for making it possible.”Ruth Pepple
Sister City Delegation
Grants Pass, Oregon
“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your ‘personality type’ session that you had this morning. The thing with the hula hoop was so interesting! Rob, you did a great job. Thank you!!?”Mary Shields
Evergreen Financial
Medford, Oregon