The hamster wheel is real people.

hamster wheel

Run faster. Do more with less. Efficiency is the “WORD” of the decade, would you agree? How do you find time to sharpen your saw as Stephen Covey suggests in his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (first published August 15, 1989)?

There is hope and it’s call effectiveness and priorities. We can help.

At Soul Canyon Training & Development we are all about helping you reach your highest potential with training programs designed to get YOU the highest ROI (Return on Investment). In this case we are talking about your time invested. We recommend that you use a written daily “To Do” list to help you keep the tasks in prospective and to help prioritize the never-ending tasks that get added to your day. A critical part of that daily “To Do” list must contain time to learn new skills – or sharpen your saw. This is why we have created the Excel Essentials program the way we did, with short videos that show you and tell you how to do something in Excel. We include a downloadable workbook and a practice file, so you can practice these new skills. Excel Essentials Level 1-4 is our Best Selling downloadable program – to order just click here Excel Essentials Level 1-4 enter the code: BOOM and save $70 off

We are very excited to say that we are creating a Word Essentials program in the very same way. Check out this very cool video – Rob teaches us how to create a specific custom keyboard shortcut – Strike through in Word. Watch on our YouTube Channel and then sign up for our latest videos.

Want to attend a live seminar? We partnered with BBSI to provide an option in the Rogue Valley to attend a ½ day training in lots of different topics. Download your 2020 BBSI Training Series here.

Finally, we are all about doing custom workshops for you. Please give me a call and let’s explore what your training needs are.

Happy Spring Training

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