Time to check your progress

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Every action is either strong or weak.  Whenever the action is strong, we are successful.”  Wallace D. Wattles

Wow how the time flies!  How you are doing with your 2017 goals.

As I spend a few minutes to reflect on what I accomplished so far this year.  I am happiest with the fact that I made some progress on my Gamification project – which is one of my big goals for 2017.

But how about you?

Take a few minutes to list your major accomplishments so far this year.  Did you make the progress you had hope to by this point in the year?

 One of the things I’ve noticed about this project I am working on is that, as a singular goal, it is huge.  However, as I continue to break it down into smaller and smaller steps and it begins to come into focus I am able to be more realistic and accurate about what it is really going to take to ultimately accomplish it.

 Don’t be too hard on yourself, because I’m sure the same thing is happening for you.

If you feel overwhelmed by something big you are trying to get traction with – break it down into smaller and smaller steps and keep moving.

Be strong!

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